New species, nomenclatural changes and recent taxonomic studies in the genus Stylosanthes (Leguminosae): An update

Teodardo Calles, Rainer Schultze-Kraft


Since the last taxonomic overview during the 1982 Stylosanthes Symposium in Townsville, Australia, 10 new species: S. falconensis, S. longicarpa, S. maracajuensis, S. nunoi, S. quintanarooensis, S. recta, S. salina, S. seabrana, S. vallsii and S. venezuelensis; and 1 botanical variety: S. guianensis var. pauciflora; have been validly described. Furthermore, 2 nomenclatural changes have been proposed, both being elevations of botanical varieties to the rank of species: S. gracilis and S. rostrata. In the major taxonomic databases, The Plant List and GRIN, the taxonomic status (“accepted” vs. “synonym” vs. “unresolved”) of some of these new taxa, however, differs. In addition, this paper reports on Stylosanthes names that can be found in the post-symposium literature but have not been validly published, and on recent regional studies of Stylosanthes taxonomy. Suggested research needs as perceived by non-botanists include an updated Stylosanthes monograph and taxonomic studies within the S. guianensis, S. hamata and S. scabra species complexes.

Keywords: Taxonomy, validly published names.

DOI: 10.17138/TGFT(4)122-128

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