Establishment of leucaena in Australia


  • Stuart Buck Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Rockhampton, QLD, Australia.
  • Joe Rolfe Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Mareeba, QLD, Australia.
  • Craig Lemin Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Mareeba, QLD, Australia.
  • Bernie English Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Mareeba, QLD, Australia.



Keynote paper presented at the International Leucaena Conference, 1‒3 November 2018, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Leucaena (Leucaena leucocephala ssp. glabrata) is a highly productive tropical perennial legume used primarily in extensive beef grazing systems across northern Australia. Its productivity provides substantial benefits to grazing businesses and economically significant areas of leucaena have been established in Queensland, with much smaller areas in both the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Specific environmental conditions (particularly soil type) and management practices are required to obtain reliable establishment and high productivity from leucaena-grass grazing systems. Significant research, development and extension have been undertaken in northern Australia, particularly in central Queensland, resulting in management packages which ensure establishment reliability and long-term productivity. However expansion into new areas can be constrained by regionally specific establishment issues. Adaptation of known establishment and management practices together with research and development are required for leucaena-grass grazing systems in new regions.

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Buck, S., Rolfe, J., Lemin, C., & English, B. (2019). Establishment of leucaena in Australia. Tropical Grasslands-Forrajes Tropicales, 7(2), 104–111.


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ILC2018 Session 2: Establishment and management of leucaena