RETRACTED: Agro-morphological characterization of Urochloa grass accessions in Kenya

Donald M.G. Njarui, Mwangi Gatheru, Sita R. Ghimire


The Editors and Publisher have retracted this article because the text had already been published in Njarui et al 2016. The content conveyed by this article is therefore not original and redundant. The corresponding author, Donald Njarui, recognizes this involuntary duplication publication and agrees to the retraction of this article. The online version contains the full text of the retracted article as electronic supplementary material.

Supplementary material


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Njarui DMG; Gatheru M; Ghimire SR. 2016. Agro-morphological characterisation of Brachiaria grass accessions. In: Njarui DMG; Gichangi EM; Ghimire SR; Muinga RW, eds. Climate smart Brachiaria grasses for improving livestock production in East Africa - Kenya Experience. Proceedings of a workshop, Naivasha, Kenya, 14–15 September 2016. p. 27–36.

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