Tropical Grasslands (1994) Volume 28, 74–79

Evaluation of tropical pasture legumes for fodder banks in subhumid Nigeria.
2. Accessions of Aeschynomene histrix, Centrosema acutifolium, C. pascuorum, Stylosanthes guianensis and S. hamata


1ILCA, Subhumid Research Site, Kaduna, Nigeria
2Justus-Liebig-Universität, Giessen, Federal Republic of Germany


Five accessions, comprising Aeschynomene histrix, Centrosema acutifolium, Centrosema pascuorum and Stylosanthes guianensis together with Stylosanthes hamata cv. Verano were evaluated over 2 years for use in fodder banks in subhumid Nigeria.
The most promising accession was A. histrix I12463 with yields of more than 6 t/ha dry matter (DM) in the second growing season, good drought tolerance, ability to compete with the native vegetation and high nutritive value. C. pascuorum cv. Cavalcade and C. acutifolium cv. Vichada did not persist in competition with the native vegetation.
At the end of the wet season, crude protein concentrations (whole plant) ranged from 10–17% DM and phosphorus concentrations from 0.08–0.19% DM. A. histrix fell in the middle of the range. This species should be evaluated along with other promising accessions in pasture mixtures in the region.

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