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Tropical Grasslands
Vol. 32 1998

Contributed Articles March 1998 (No. 1)


Nutrient limitations of clay soils for Desmanthus virgatus. I. What is the cause of chlorosis in field-grown desmanthus on a black earth soil? — N.J. BRANDON and R.A. DATE


Nutrient limitations of clay soils for Desmanthus virgatus. II. A glasshouse study of 7 soils — P.R. SPIES, N.J. BRANDON, R.A. DATE, L.M. BAHNISCH and D. GEORGE


Growth responses of Desmanthus virgatus to inoculation with Rhizobium strain CB3126. I. A pot trial with 8 clay soils from central and southern Queensland — G.A. BAHNISCH, R.A. DATE, N.J. BRANDON and P. PITTAWAY


Growth responses of Desmanthus virgatus to inoculation with Rhizobium strain CB3126. II. A field trial at 4 sites in south-east Queensland — N.J. BRANDON, R.A. DATE, R.L. CLEM, B.A. ROBERTSON and T.W.G. GRAHAM


Survival of rhizobia on seed of Desmanthus virgatus stored at different temperatures — AGUSTIN C. BECERRA STEIFEL, R.A. DATE and N.J. BRANDON


The effect of band-seedling legumes into para grass (Brachiaria mutica) on pasture production, sustainability and animal productivity in Vanuatu — B.F. MULLEN and D.C. MacFARLANE


Growth and spread of Digitaria erianthia cv. Premier and Urochloa mosamicensis cv. Nixon oversown into native speargrass (Heteropogon contortus) pasture in south-east Queensland — C.K. McDONALD, R.M. JONES and J.C. TOTHILL


Elevated biomass production in burned natural grasslands in southern India — K. SENTHILKUMAR, S. MANIAN, K. UDAIYAN and S. PAULSAMY


Soil and sward characteristics of patches and non-patches in the Highland Sourveld of South Africa — B.U. LUTGE, M.B. HARDY and G.P. HATCH


Awards of the Tropical Grassland Society of Australia Inc.


Book Review

The biology of grasses


Ecophysiology of tropical intercropping


Managing Mitchell Grass — A grazier's guide


Notes for Contributors


Contributed Articles June 1998 (No. 2)


The effect of sowing depth and duration of watering on emergence of tropical legumes in clay soil in growth cabinets — N.J. BRANDON and R.M. JONES


Effect of dolomite and sowing rate on plant density, yield and nutritive value of Paspalum atratum — R.S. KALMBACHER, J.E. RECHCIGL, F.G. MARTIN and A.E. KRETSCHMER, Jr


Compatibility, persistence and productivity of grass-legume mixtures in the humid tropics of Costa Rica. 1. Dry matter yield, nitrogen yield and botanical composition — M.A. IBRAHIM and L. 't MANNETJE


The performance and nutritive value of Leucaena in a unimodal rainfall environment in western Tanzania — M. KARACHI


Specificity of rhizobial strains for effective N2 fixation in the genus Leucaena — B.F. MULLEN, V.E. FRANK and R.A. DATE


Alfalfa mosaic virus: occurrence and variation among isolates from forage legumes in Ethiopia — A.M. MIH and J. HANSON


Off-types indicate natural outcrossing in five tropical forage legumes in Colombia — BRIGITTE L. MAASS and ALBA M. TORRES


Performance of mixtures of selected grasses and adapted herbaceous legumes in south-west Nigeria — I. EZENWA and M.E. AKEN'OVA


The effects of green manuring and chemical fertiliser application on maize yield, quality and soil composition — Y. SHEHU, W.S. ALHASSAN, G.W.K. MENSAH, A. ALIYU and C.J.C. PHILLIPS


Letter to the Editor


Contributed Articles September 1998 (No. 3)


Persistence and productivity of eight accessions of Desmanthus virgatus under a range of grazing pressures in subtropical Queensland — R.M. JONES and N.J. BRANDON


Ecological and agronomic studies on Chamaecrista rotundifolia cv. Wynn related to modelling of persistence — R.M. JONES, G.A. BUNCH and C.K. McDONALD


Stockpiling herbaceous tropical legumes for dry season feed in Jamaica — I.F. ANDRADE, L.G. ATKINSON, L.E. SOLLENBERGER, G.J. RUEGSEGGER, P. MISLEVY and R.S. KALMBACHER


Seed production and germination in vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides) — S.S. PARIHAR, B. MAL, V. SHANKAR and A. KAK


Influence of pasture condition on plant selection patterns by cattle: its implications for vegetation change in a monsoon tallgrass ranglend — A.J. ASH and J.P. CORFIELD


The performance of Boer goats browsing Leucaena leucocephala in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa — C.D. MORRIS and L.P. DU TOIT


Recovery of seed of four African browse shrubs ingested by cattle, sheep and goats and the effect of ingestion, hot water and acid treatment on the viability of the seeds — C.M. SHAYO and P. UDEN


Yield and nutritive value of vetch (Vicia sativa) — barley (Hordeum vulgare) forage under different harvesting regimens — M.R. AL-MASRI


Book Review

Gaseous Nitrogen Emissions from Grasslands


Carbon and Nutrient Dynamics in Natural and Agricultural Ecosystems


Contributed Articles December 1998 (No. 4)


Influence of planting four tree species on the yield and soil water status of green panic pasture in subhumid south-east Queensland — J.R. WILSON


Adoption of planted forages by smallholder dairy farmers in coastal lowland Kenya — J.G. MUREITHI, M.N. NJUNIE, R.W. MUINGA, R. ALI, W. THORPE and C.D. MWATATE


Effect of date of closing cut on seed yield and its components of Andropogon gayanus cv. Kent — N.R. GOBIUS, C. PHAIKAEW, P. PHOLSEN, O. RODCOMPOO and W. SUSENA


Drought resistance by six Senegalese local strains of Andropogon gayanus var. bisquamulatus through osmoregulation — P. GEERTS, A. BULDGEN, T. DIALLO and A. DIENG


Sward evaluation of eleven "Stylosanthes seabrana" accessions and S. scabra cv. Seca at five subtropical sites — L.A. EDYE, T.J. HALL, R.L. CLEM, T.W.G. GRAHAM, W.B. MESSER and R.H. REBGETZ


Evaluation of perennial peanuts (Arachis spp.) as forage on the New South Wales north coast — A.W. BOWMAN, G.P.M. WILSON and B.J. GOGEL


Control of currant bush (Carissa ovata) in developed brigalow (Acacia harpophylla) country — P.V. BACK


Utilising temperate and tropical pastures and compensatory growth during winter to maximise growth in cattle — R.G. WARREN, D.P. POPPI, J.W. HALES and S.R. McLENNAN


The effect of rumen fluid storage time on digestive capacity with five forage/browse samples — R.J. JONES, M.A. STOLTZ, J.H.F. MEYER and F.M. BECHAZ


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