Vol. 2 No. 1: March 2014

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This issue of Tropical Grasslands−Forrajes Tropicales is the third “Special Issue IGC 2013” and comprises 58 selected poster papers on R&D topics, all related to the tropics and subtropics, that were presented at the 22nd International Grassland Congress, Sydney, 15-19 September 2013, in Congress sessions other than Session 1.2.1 (“Development and Impact of Sown Tropical Species”).

It complements two previous Special Issues IGC 2013: The first, published in September 2013, is composed of all papers (2 keynote, 2 oral and 35 poster papers) presented in Session 1.2.1; and the second, published in December 2013, comprises 18 non-poster papers (1 plenary, 4 keynote and 13 oral papers) on R&D topics, again all related to the tropics and subtropics and selected from sessions other than 1.2.1.

This issue is also the result of an agreement with the International Grassland Congress Continuing Committee (www.internationalgrasslands.org), giving permission to co-publish the papers. The content of papers is essentially the same as that published in the Conference Proceedings. Any changes are the result of additional reviewing and adapting to the Journal’s standards and style.

Published: 2014-04-10

IGC 2013 Poster Papers