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Tropical Grasslands
Vol. 39 2005

Contributed Articles March 2005 (No. 1)

Growth and survival of range of Leucaena species in southern Brazil — PAULO EMÍLIO KAMINSKI, MARIA TERESA SCHIFINO-WITTMANN AND NILTON RODRIGUES PAIM


An evaluation of three tropical ley legumes for use in mixed farming systems on clay soils in southern inland Queensland, Australia — A. M. WHITBREAD, B.C. PENGELLY AND B.R. SMITH


Estimation of herbage mass in a bahia grass (Paspalum notatum) and a centipede grass (Eremochloa ophiuroides) pasture using a capacitance probe, a sward stick and a rising plate — S. OGURA, Y. NAGATOMO AND M. HIRATA


Effects of severity of threshing damage on seed quality of Gatton panic (Panicum maximum) — J.M. HOPKINSON AND B.H. ENGLISH


Growth, forage yield and light interception and use by stands of five Brachiaria species in a tropical environment — O. GUENNI, J.L. GIL AND Y. GUEDEZ


Effects of rock phosphate, sulphur with and without Acidithiobacillus and organic by-products on mimosa (Mimosa caesalpiniifolia) grown in a Brazilian tableland soil — N.P. STAMFORD, C.E.R. SANTOS, P.R. SANTOS, K.S. SANTOS AND A. MONTENEGRO


Notes for Contributors


Contributed Articles June 2005 (No. 2)

The impact of fire on population density and canopy area of currant bush (Carissa ovata) in central Queensland and its implications for grazed woodland management — P.V. BACK


Fertilisation of creeping signalgrass and bahiagrass under grazing in Florida — R.S. KALMBACHER, M.B. ADJEI, I.V. EZENWA AND F.G. MARTIN


Emergence and seedling survival of leucaena on poorly drained soil and management practices to mitigate negative effects — I.V. EZENWA AND R.S. KALMBACHER


Brachiaria species in north-east Thailand: dry matter yields and seed production — M.D. HARE, P. TATSAPONG, A. LUNPHA AND K. WONGPICHET


Seed yield and quality of buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) as influenced by row spacing and fertiliser level — D. KUMAR, G.K. DWIVEDI AND S. N. SINGH


Effects of a fibrolytic enzyme supplement on the performance of Holstein Friesian cows grazing kikuyu — B.C. GRANZIN


The nutritive value of laboratory ensiled lablab (Lablab purpureus) and pearl millet (Pennisetum americanum) — J.T. AMODU, A.M.ADAMU, I.A. ADEYINKA, J.P. ALAWA AND J.O. JEGEDE


Research note: Effect of different seed treatment options on dormancy breaking, germination and emergence of Ziziphus mucronata (buffalo thorn) seed — ABUBEKER HASSEN, N.F.G. RETHMAN AND W.A. VAN NIEKERK


Contributed Articles September 2005 (No. 3)

Influence of storage conditions on survival and sowing value of seed of tropical pasture grasses. 1. Longevity — J.M. HOPKINSON AND B.H. ENGLISH


Influence of storage conditions on survival and sowing value of seed of tropical pasture grasses. 2. Sowing value and storage strategies — J.M. HOPKINSON AND B.H. ENGLISH


Forest management innovations, forage development practices and livestock in the hills of Nepal — N.R. DEVKOTA AND F. FELLONI


Flood tolerance of Panicum decompositum: Effects on seedling biomass — C.J. GEURTS, J.E.D. FOX, T.M. LUONG AND M.C. COX


Selective herbicide strategies for use in Australian desmanthus seed crops — K.G. COX AND K.C. HARRINGTON


Pasture legume adaptation to six environments of the seasonally dry tropics of north Queensland — T.J. HALL AND R.W. WALKER


Contributed Articles December 2005 (No. 4)

Advances in sown tropical leguems. Reprinted from Proceedings of the XX International Grassland Congress held in Dublin, Ireland, June 26 —July 2, 2005



The following Posters link directly to the relevant PDF file.

Adoption of tropical legume technology around the world: analysis of success — H.M. SHELTON, S. FRANZEL and M. PETERS


Dual-purpose cowpea for west Africa — S.A. TARAWALI, I. OKIKE, P.K. KRISTJANSON, B.B. SINGH and P. THORNTON


Planted forage legumes in west Africa — S.A. TARAWALI, P. THORNTON and N. DE HAAN


Fodder shrubs for improving incomes of dairy farmers in the east African highlands — S. FRANZEL, C. WAMBUGU, J. STEWART and B.D. SANDE


Stylo in India — much more than a plant for the revegetation of wasteland — C.R. RAMESH, S. CHAKRABORTY, P.S. PATHAK, N. BIRADAR and P. BHAT


Forage arachis in Nepal: a simple success — A.D. ROBERTSON


Stylo in China: a tropical forage legume success story — L. GUODAO and S. CHAKRABORTY


Stylo adoption in Thailand: three decades of progress — C. PHAIKAEW and M.D. HARE


Sesbania grandiflora: a successful tree legume in Lombok, Indonesia — DAHLANUDDIN HASNIATI and MAX SHELTON


Leucaena: sustainable crop and livestock production systems in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province, Indonesia — C. PIGGIN and J. NULIK


Centrosema pascuorum in Australia’s Northern Territory: a tropical forage legume success story — A.G. CAMERON


Arachis pintoi in the humid tropics of Colombia: A forage legume success story — E. LASCANO CARLOS, M. PETERS and FEDERICO HOLMANN


Tropical kudzu (Pueraria phaseoloides): successful adoption in sustainable cattle production systems in the western Brazilian Amazon — J.F. VALENTIM and C.M.S. ANDRADE


Forage peanut (Arachis pintoi): a high yielding and high quality tropical legume for sustainable cattle production systems in the western Brazilian Amazon — J.F. VALENTIM and C.M.S. ANDRADE


Estilosantes Campo Grande in Brazil: a tropical forage legume success story — C.D. FERNANDES, B. GROF, S. CHAKRABORTY and J.R. VERZIGNASSI


Butterfly pea in Queensland: a tropical forage legume success story — M.J. CONWAY


Stylos: The broad-acre legumes of N Australian grazing systems — J.P. RAINS


Leucaena in northern Australia: a forage tree legume success story — B.F. MULLEN, H.M. SHELTON and S.A. DALZELL


Aeschynomene and carpon desmodium: legumes for bahiagrass pasture in Florida — L.E. SOLLENBERGER and R.S. KALMBACHER


Rhizoma peanut — more than a ‘lucerne’ for subtropical USA — M.J. WILLIAMS, K.H. QUESENBERRY, G.M. PRINE and C.B. OLSON


Leucaena production in arid Botswana — F.P. WANDERA, M. KARACHI, S. MANGOPE and B.M. LEFOFE


Agronomic evaluation of twenty ecotypes of Leucaena spp. for acid soil conditions in México — J.F. ENRÍQUEZ-QUIROZ, A. HERNÁNDEZ-GARAY and A.R. QUERO-CARRILLO


Desmodium velutinum — a high-quality shrub legume for acid soils in the tropics — R. SCHULTZE-KRAFT, M. PETERS, N. VIVAS, F. PARRA and L.H. FRANCO


Recent advances in Stylosanthes research in tropical America — B. GROF, C.D. FERNANDES and J.R. VERZIGNASSI


Desmanthus: a new forage legume to improve wool growth in tropical Australia — J.H. DE A. RANGEL and C.A.M. GOMIDE


Enhancement of grassland production through integration of forage legumes in semi-arid rangelands of Kenya — P.N. MACHARIA, J.I. KINYAMARIO, W.N. EKAYA and C.K.K. GACHENE


The dry matter yield and nutritive value of wet-tolerant tropical forage legumes in single cropping or mixed cropping with gramineous forage crops in drained paddy field — M. TOBISA, Y. NAKANO, K. OKANO, M. SHIMOJO and Y. MASUDA


Experiences with establishing legumes as part of a ley pasture in a low-input farming system of the eastern Amazon, Brazil — S. HOHNWALD, B. RISCHKOWSKY, A.P. CAMARÃO, J.A. RODRIGUES-FILHO, R. SCHULTZE-KRAFT and J.M. KING


Variation within the species Macroptilium atropurpureum regarding adaptation to grazing — C.K. MCDONALD and R.J. CLEMENTS


Production and persistence of a native pasture-Arachis pintoi association in the humid tropics of Mexico — E. CASTILLO-GALLEGOS, L. ’t MANNETJE and A. ALUJA-SCHUNEMANN


Performance of dual-purpose cows on a native pasture-Arachis pintoi association in the humid tropics of Mexico — E. CASTILLO-GALLEGOS, J. JARILLO-RODRÍGUEZ, E. OCAÑAZAVALETA, B. MARÍN-MEJÍA, L. ’t MANNETJE and A. ALUJA-SCHUNEMANN


Response of Arachis pintoi to grazing intensity when associated with different grasses — C.M.S. ANDRADE, R. GARCIA, J.F. VALENTIM and O.G. PEREIRA


Selection of Forages for the Tropics (SoFT) — a database and selection tool for identifying forages adapted to local conditions in the tropics and subtropics — B.C. PENGELLY, B.G. COOK, I.J. PARTRIDGE, D.A. EAGLES, M. PETERS, J. HANSON, S.D. BROWN, J.L. DONNELLY, B.F. MULLEN, R. SCHULTZE-KRAFT, A. FRANCO and R. O’BRIEN


Book Reviews

High-yielding anthracnose-resistant Stylosanthes for agricultural systems


Grassland: a global resource


XX International Grassland Congress: Offered papers


Pastoral systems in marginal environments


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